Who am I?


But actually, who am I?

My name is Mellie Montoya, and I am a Human Biology major at Stanford. I’m really passionate about health and medicine, and I hope to one day become a doctor. I’m very short, and I love to love things, which makes me very excitable.

5 (ish) random facts about me

1. I am in an all-female a cappella group. Yes, of course I am obsessed with Pitch Perfect.

2. I’ve gone to San Diego Comic Con every year since I was eight. Thanks dad for the tickets!

2a. Comic books are my favorite.

3. I have a black belt in tae kwon do.

4. My favorite movie is The Iron Giant. “You are who you chose to be.”

Iron Giant Superman art

Art by Adam Rabalais


5. I have the world’s cutest chihuahua. His name is Willie.

5 facts about Willie

1. He likes to lick things in his free time.

2. His eyes are too big, and his nose is too small. But he makes it work.

3. He is a connoisseur of popular culture.


4. He is Batman.

5. He loves you…unless you’re a dog. In that case, he hates you.


What is this blog’s deal?

Anything and everything.

But mostly topics that are health or pop culture related. It should be fun.

I’m glad you stopped by!





3 Responses to About

  1. Martin Aguirre says:

    Love it!!!


  2. Veronica Tignanelli says:

    Great, Mellie…keep it coming…good work!


  3. Julian Montoya says:

    Awesome, Mellie! Looking forward to this so much!


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